5 Courses That Can Help In Getting Permanent Residency In Australia

5 Courses That Can Help In Getting Permanent Residency In Australia

5 Courses That Can Help In Getting Permanent Residency In Australia

Australia has impeccable academic credentials, strong economy and balanced life style. It also has beautiful landscape that makes it a perfect place to live! This country has lured more than 300,000 students from different countries who want to study and settle in Australia.

If you complete 2 years of study in Australia, then post that you can also apply for work visa. With the help of this visa, the students who have graduated from Australia can stay, study and work temporarily in Australia. The applicants must have the required skills and qualifications for the occupations listed on the Skilled Occupation List.

It can be really difficult for the international students to select the best suitable course because of the dynamic nature of the occupations list. So, for the bright prospects of getting the Permanent Residency in Australia look at the top 5 courses that can help in getting PR.

Here Is The List Of Best 5 Courses That Would Open The Door For Permanent Residency In Australia

  1. Accountancy

The number of international students has increased many times in the previous years. Accountancy is one of the rapidly growing occupations in the country. If you become an accountant, then you will have an exposure to financial dealings, taxation, compliance requirements and record keeping. There is also excellent job prospects candidates that are Masters in Professional Accounting. If you are interested in enrolling in this course then look at the benefits and requirements of Student Visa.


  1. Engineering

There is tremendous scope when it comes to the requirements of engineers. Engineers in different field like Chemical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications Field Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Software Engineering, Production or Plant Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering etc. are required in Australia.

There are higher chances for the engineering students to get employment. According to The Good Universities Guide, the graduates of engineering have earned an average $60,705 that is one of the highest in this field. The candidates that have relevant experience have highest chances of getting the Australian Permanent Residency.


  1. Nursing

Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to providing the best healthcare facilities. Prestigious universities of Nursing in Australia have great reputation of providing several undergraduates, research and post graduate programs in health, nursing and midwifery.

Some of the courses that can be undertaken are, Nurse (Surgical) and Nurse (Pediatric), Nurse (Community Health), Nurse (Child and Family Health), Nurse (Medical Practice), Nurse (Mental Health) etc.


  1. Computer And Information Technology

IT in every industry plays a major role in operations and growth. Australia has a booming economy and it proficiently caters to the IT professionals who possess excellence in this field. Because of increasing demand of IT in Australia, the Australian Qualifications Framework has added this profession in the Skilled Occupation List.

If you are willing to settle in Australia, then pursuing IT related course would be really beneficial!

Computer And Information Technology

  1. Education And Training

Australia has one of the best education systems. After undertaking the courses related to education and teaching, the students can apply for the Permanent Residency. There are various occupations related to this course Pre-Primary Teacher, Vocational education Teacher, like Special Needs Teacher, Teachers for English as a second language for non-native speakers, Primary and Secondary Teacher and University Lecturers.

Education And Training

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