About Us

Kim Carnaffan who has a commendable experience of over 30 years in IT and Telecommunication industries founded Tropical Immigration.  Tropical Immigration is a small team of dedicated, professional registered migration agents who help their clients with various migration and Australia Visa related services.  We are passionately committed to making the process of applying for your visa as easy as possible.

We work by following the strict professional standards of practice, fully registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARN 1174332).

We offer reliable, ethical and dependable immigration and visa services. Tropical Immigration is very much familiar with the immigration scenarios and keep working to find efficiencies for ourselves and for the clients.

Our Portfolio of services includes:

  • Helping you in applying for different types of visas and also giving advice about the eligibility and requirements.
  • Assistance in temporary and permanent visa applications.
  • On your behalf, we are going to deal with the Australian Immigration Authorities.
  • Tropical Immigration also helps in the preparation of the corporate immigration and compliance plans.

Whether you are a company, investor, small business or an individual, we strive to make the immigration process as simple as possible and provide you with an expert advice considering your circumstances.

Our focus is always on establishing a long-term and positive relationship with the clients. Every case is considered individually and treaded on its own merits. No stone is left un-turned when we asses a prospective visa applicant. Due diligence and care is applied at all stages of visa application process to allow for the best possible outcomes!

Why Tropical Immigration!

There are various benefits that makes us different from others:

  • We Always Provide Knowledgeable Advice: Get access to the top class migration advice and strategies. We have immense experience and insights of working with great companies in Australia.
  • Customized Services: The complex process of migrating to Australia looks an easy one when you have a trusted advisor and partner. Tropical Immigration helps you in achieving the goals with proactive and result-oriented services.
  • Complete Transparency: We offer a fixed quote for our services. After contacting us, you will get complete information about the costs, eligibility and documentation requirements for various types of Visa to visit and work in Australia.

Our Clients are spread all across the globe including:


















New Caledonia