ETA Business Visa Australia

People with work reasons can visit Australia for maximum duration of 3 months to conduct business. Electronically Travel Authority is an electronically stored authorization that does not need paper documentation or a stamp on the passport.

What A Business Visitor Can Or Cannot Do On Stay In Australia On ETA Business Visa?

The business visitors with ETA visa can:

  • Make employment or general enquiries,
  • Negotiate, review or enter into a new or existing business contract,
  • The activities must be done as the part of an official government visit, or
  • Attend conferences, seminars and trade fair.

What You Cannot Do!

There are some activities which do not come under the ‘Business Activities’ like:

  • You cannot provide services or work for the Australian based organizations or the business.
  • No selling of goods and services to the public directly.

Conditions On ETA Business Visa

If you are visitor who has travelled to Australia on ETA Business Visa, then the following conditions has t be met or the visa will be cancelled:

  1. Only limited business activities are allowed. There is no employment rights offered.
  2. The length of the stay has to be of 3 month, if the validity is for 12 months.
  3. The person should not have Tuberculosis at the time of entry in Australia.
  4. Must not have criminal convictions.
  5. Multiple entries in Australia are allowed.

What Can Be The Duration Of Stay On ETA Business Visa?

  • ETA Business Visa is a temporary visa. It is granted on the basis of following two conditions, whichever is shorter:
    1. It may be for 12 months from the date it is granted, Or
    2. The duration of the validity of the passport.
  • Duration of stay on this visa after the entry in Australia is for 3 months.
  • You may leave or enter in Australia as much as you wish. There are multiple entries offered to the visitors on this visa.

Visa Label

  • The visa is digitally linked to your passport. So, there is no label in the passport.
  • The ETA is attached to the current passport you are holding. Of the existing one is expired or lost then,
  • Your ETA will be ceased.
  • Apply for new ETA.

Can The Family Members Be Included In The Application?

No, the family members cannot be included in your application. For each member of the family, a separate application should be made.

Have A Look At The Countries That Are Eligible For The ETA Business Visa:

The passport holders of the following countries are eligible for the ETA Business Visa

Andorra Austria


















Hong Kong (SAR)




















The Netherlands







Republic of San Marino




South Korea











United Kingdom (British Citizen)


United Kingdom (Overseas)


United States of America


Vatican City


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