ETA Tourist Visa For Australia

The Electronic Travel Authority Visa (ETA) was introduced to minimize the complications of the visa application process. After obtaining your unique authorization number, you will get the permission to enter Australia for upto 3 months as a tourist.

Applying for the ETA Visa is a very swift process that includes no paper application and no stamps on the passport. Because the ETA is linked electronically to your passport, you have to travel with the same passport it was issued for.

What Are The Conditions For ETA Tourist Visa?

Visitors must abide by the following conditions otherwise the visa may be cancelled or subjected to other penalties:

  1. No employment rights are offered to the visitors in Australia on this visa. But there are no restrictions on the business visitor activities like negotiations, business enquiries and attending the conferences.
  2. Multiple entries are allowed for the visitors in during the valid period of 12 months.
  3. Studies or training for more than 3 months is not acceptable.
  4. At the time of travelling to Australia, you must be free from Tuberculosis.
  5. If your age is at least 11 years and you wish to study in a classroom environment for more than 4 weeks, then you need to qualify chest x- ray examination before starting the studies.
  6. If you have been sentenced for the period of at least 12 months for criminal convictions, then the visa will be cancelled.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For ETA Tourist Visa For Australia?

  • If you hold the passport of the following countries then you will be eligible to access the Electronic Travel Authority system online issuing system:
Andorra Austria Belgium
Brunei Canada Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Hong Kong (SAR of China) Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malaysia
Malta Monaco Norway
Portugal Republic Of San Marino Singapore
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan ( excluding official or diplomatic passports) The Netherlands
United Kingdom (British Citizen) United Kingdom (British National Overseas) United States
Vatican City
  • You must be a genuine visitor who intends to:
    1. Stay for a temporary duration of time.
    2. Obey all the conditions attached with this visa.
  • Meet all the requirements of good health.
  • Must be of good character.
  • You must pay back all the debts to Australian Government. You or any of the family members should not owe any money to the Australian Government or should have proper arrangements to pay it back!
  • The visa will not be granted if the applicant under 18 is not interesting in moving to Australia.

How Tropical Immigration Can Help You In Applying For The ETA Tourist Visa?

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