Australian PR Requirements – Apply For Australian PR

Australia is one of the finest countries to apply for Permanent Residency. By applying for the permanent resident of Australia, you will be granted a visa that permits you to stay in Australia on permanent basis.

Apply for Australian PR by opting one of the three ways:

  • A Family-stream Permanent visa
  • A work-stream Permanent visa
  • Business or Investor stream Permanent Visa

What Are The Key Benefits Of Permanent Residency In Australia?

Below mentioned are the benefits that you are entitled to after getting the Permanent Residency in Australia:

  1. Indefinite living and working in Australia.
  2. For the initial period of five years, you will be allowed to leave or enter Australia multiple times on this visa and after that it can be renewed.
  3. After spending some years in Australia as a Permanent Resident, application for the citizenship can also be lodged.
  4. The rights and privileges that are given to the Australian citizens can also be enjoyed by the Permanent Residents.
  5. Free or subsidized health and legal services are also accessible.
  6. If you are a holder of the status of Permanent Resident in Australia, then you may sponsor the relative subject to satisfying the residence criteria and requirements of the assurance support.
  7. You can apply for the Australian consular services, if you face any trouble overseas.
  8. After the approval of the New Zealand government, you may get the right to even study, travel and work in New Zealand.
  9. If your child is born inside Australia, then the child will be considered as the citizen of Australia by birth.

What Are The Australian PR Requirements?

Some of the general requirements that the applicants have to meet in order to get the Australian PR are:

  • Key Documents must be arranged: To get PR in Australia, it is necessary that all the key documents are arranged well. Other than travel and educational documents, two main documents are required :
  • Result of English language proficiency test.
  • Skill Assessment report given by relevant assessing authority.
  • Appropriate visa must be chosen: It is important that the right visa category is selected like State Nominated visa, Employer Nominated Visa and many others.
  • Selection Of Occupation From Skilled Occupation List: The occupation for which you are going to Australia must be given in the Skilled Occupation List.
  • The score must be at least 60 in the point based system. Higher points will increase the chance of getting the letter of invitation to apply for the visa.
  • The applicant of the Permanent Resident visa must be medically fit and the character should be morally good.

How To Apply For Australian PR?

You can become the Permanent Resident of Australia by getting the visa from the following streams:

  1. Family-stream Permanent Resident Visa: These visas are applicable for:
    • Partners, children, parents or dependent relatives of the citizen of Australia, permanent resident or the eligible citizen of New Zealand.
    • Children who are adopted from outside Australia.
    • Carers who want to go to Australia for a longer duration to take care of the approved relative.
  1. Work-stream Permanent Resident Visa: This visa is for the workers who:
    • Have sponsorship from an Australian employer to work in Australia.
    • All the skills are present that are needed ans valued by Australia.
  1. Business or Investment-stream Permanent Resident Visas: This visa is designed for the business people who:
    • Is the holder of certain temporary business or investor visa,
    • Have a business but not sponsored,
    • Interested in establishing new business or develop an existing business in Australia,
    • Have sponsorship by state or territory,
    • Have done an investment of AUD 750,000 for 4 year and have sponsorship from state or territory, and
    • Have held an investment of AUD 1.5 million for the duration for 4 years.

FAQ’s Related To Australian PR

Q. Can I Travel to Australia while my application is still under process?

A. Yes, you can visit Australia but you will have to meet the requirements of the class of visa that you are holding. It depends whether you intend for a holiday or a short trip. Visitor visa does not allow having residence in Australia if the application is in processing. You have to inform us about it if you are staying temporarily there as DOHA can still continue processing while you are already there.

Q. Can I get migrant visa while I am in Australia?

A. To get the migrant visa, you must depart Australia. You must be outside Australia before the DOHA grant you the migrant visa, unless you are holding a visa that allows for an onshore application.

Q. Should I send the original documents with my application?

A. Yes, original documents are asked for the permanent migration application or properly certified copies.

Q. If I am applying for the partner provisions, then do you need to interview me?

A. DOHA mostly needsto interview you, but this can be conducted over the phone also.

Q. In case I am approved, then how much time I have before travelling to Australia?

A. The initial date of entry is calculated based on validity of the health and character clearances. The initial entry date is stated on the visa. If you do not visit Australia by the initial entry date then, the condition of your visa will be breached.

Q. Can the medical processing be done in Australia?

A. If you are in Australia, then you can get the medical processing done there. You can approach an office of the DOHA and collect medical forms (Form 26 and Form 160) and the details of the doctors and radiologists.

Q. Can the parents live as Permanent Residents in Australia?

A. Parents who have applied for the contributory visa can live as Permanent Residents in Australia when the visa is activated. This process may take 18-24 months. The parents who are still waiting in the queue to be assessed have to wait for more than 10-12 years.

Q. What are the conditions in which my partner can sponsor me?

A. If your relationship with the partner continues for a longer period then the Partner visa may lead to Permanent Residency. PR visa are granted to the couples who have lived for at least 3 years together before applying for PR or who have stayed for 2 years together and also have a child together.

What Is The Role Of Tropical Immigration In Getting You The PR Visa In Australia?

Well, there are various categories, streams, conditions and visas provided by Department of Home Affairs. So, it is very important to get the key support, advice and assistance from the right immigration consultant to understand the instructions and apply for the required visa accurately.  You may get in touch with Tropical Immigration to know the complete process and further advice.

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