Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590)

The Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590) allows the applicant to stay in Australia as the guardian of the student visa holder younger than 18 years of age. The guardian can stay for the same duration in Australia as the student on this visa. It is a temporary visa. The Student Guardian Visa also offers opportunity to study for upto 20 hours per week in English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students or some other course for 3 weeks.

What Are Key Requirements Of Student Guardian Visa (590)?

The requirements of the Student Guardian Visa are:

1.       The applicant must be over 21 years of age and can be a parent or relative in relation. The guardian has to be nominated by the parent in writing. The family member below 6 years of age is not allowed on this visa.

2.       Genuine Temporary Entrant: To apply for the visa, you have to provide evidence of your personal conditions in the home country, immigration history, potential circumstances in Australia, proof of property and everything related with the plan.

3.       There must be proof of funds that can financially support you and your family when you stay in Australia. The source of funds must be acceptable like scholarships, financial institutions and government loans.

4.       There should be health insurance that covers your length of stay in Australia.

5.       All the relevant documents must be attached with the visa application. Birth certificate stating the name of the parents, current passport with photograph, passport issue dates, personal details, expiry dates and any proof of change of name is required.

6.       The dependent family members are not allowed to accompany the holder to Student Guardian visa to stay in Australia.

7.       You must notify the department if you wish to be the guardian for more than one student.

8.       You cannot apply for any other visa if you have granted Student Guardian Visa.

9.       The Guardian on this visa will be subjected to penalty in case they leave Australia without the nominated student.

What Are The Privileges Of Student Guardian Visa?

There are following advantages of getting the Student Guardian Visa:

  • You can leave or enter Australia without restriction for multiple times with the nominated student. In case the guardian has to leave the student alone, then make sure that the alternative arrangements are made for the student.
  • Study any other course with the maximum period of three months on this visa.
  • You are allowed to stay in Australia during the length of the course or until the nominated student turns 18.

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