Australian Citizenship Application – Fees, Eligibility & Process


Australian Citizenship is a privilege that provides great benefits to those who take a step ahead of permanent residency. Lodging for the Australian Citizenship Application means the non- Australian voluntarily becomes the citizen of Australia. Once you get the citizenship, you have to pledge the loyalty to Australia and will have to exercise the responsibilities and rights as a citizen of Australia. This nation is a unified and harmonious nation which celebrates diversity.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying For Australian Citizenship?

There are several benefits which can be availed after applying for the Australian Citizenship as mentioned below:

  • You can apply for Australian passport.
  • If you face any kind of trouble then Australian consulate can be asked for help.
  • Get the right to vote in the federal, state or territory election. Also you get the privilege to vote in the constitutional referendum.
  • The registration of the birth of the child in another country can be done as an Australian citizen.
  • Hassle free travelling if you going outside Australia or returning back to the country.
  • You may apply for some government and defence jobs after attaining the Australian Citizenship.
  • The Australian passport is the 8th strongest passport when it comes the freedom of travelling in the world. So, if you get the Australian Citizenship, you can have visa free travel to 169 countries.

General Eligibility For Australian Citizenship Application

To apply for the Australian Citizenship, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • If you have stayed as the permanent resident in Australia for minimum 1 year for at least 9 months from the last 12 months before applying.
  • Before applying you have to be a lawful resident for minimum 4 years.
  • The presence in Australia should be more than 12 months from last 4 years.
  • The applicant must have good moral character.

  Main Avenues To Australian Citizenship

  1. By Conferral: A person must be the permanent resident of Australia before applying for Australian Citizenship. This pathway is valid for migrants, spouse and partners of the citizen of the Australia and New Zealand citizens who are eligible.
  2. By Descent: If at least one of your parents fulfills the following requirements, then you may apply for the Australian Citizenship by descent:
    • If you were born on or after 26 January 1949 outside Australian and at that time the parents were Australian Citizen.
    • If one or both the parents were Australian Citizen and had lived for at least 2 years in Australia before applying
    • Have good moral character
  1. By Adoption: You will be eligible to register for the Australian Citizenship by adoption:
    • If an Australian citizen has adopted you then, you have to fill the Form 118, Application for Australian Citizenship by Descent.
    • In case you were not adopted by the citizen of Australia but the process was under full Hague Convention, then you are eligible to apply by filling the form 1272.
    • DHA may take upto one month for processing after you file the Australian Citizenship application.

 What If You Are A Citizen Of New Zealand?

To the citizens of New Zealand, a Special Category Visa (SCV) is granted that permits them to work and live in Australia. It is a temporary visa sanctioned upon the entry and expires automatically on the departure.

The eligibility criteria for the citizens of New Zealand to get the citizenship of Australia are as follows depending on the date of arrival:

  • If the date of arrival is before 26 February 2001, then you may be eligible to apply for the citizenship of Australia.
  • In case you arrived after 26 February 2001, then first apply for the permanent resident status.
  • The Centre Link certificate that is issued before 26 February which states that you were living in Australia can make you eligible to apply.

DHA Australian Citizenship Forms

DHA Form 1300t: This form is for the applicants whose age is between 18 and 59 years old

Form 1290: This form is for the applicants who 17 years old or less, 60 years old or older or suffering from any physical disability

Special Circumstances For Eligibility If You Do Not Meet The Basic Requirements

There are certain circumstances under which you can become eligible for the Australian citizenship without meeting the general requirements like:

  1. In case you were born in Papua before 16 September 1975 and at least one of the parents was Australian citizen or born in Australia; Or
  2. When at least of the parents is a former Australian citizen who has acquired the citizenship of some another country.
  3. If you are arrived to Australia below the age of 18 without parent’s protection. You will be defined as Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minor who is on protection, refugee or other humanitarian visa.

 Citizenship Test

To get the citizenship of Australia, you must pass a test that consists of 20 multiple questions given in English language. It order to pass the test, you have to score at least 75% marks. The cost of the exam is covered in the citizenship application.

Citizenship Certificate

Australian Citizenship Certificate is a document that serves as proof of identity as an Australian citizen.

If you became a citizen via descent or immigration and not born in Australia, then this Citizenship certificate is needed as a proof for the documents like Passport.

Your birth certificate will be proof of citizenship if you are born in Australia. If you have lost the previous certificate issued then, apply by filling the form 119.

What Can Be The Reasons For The Refusal Of The Application For The Australian Citizenship?

The refusal of the application for Australian Citizenship can be done on the following grounds:

  1. You pose a threat to the national security.
  2. No establishment of the identity.
  3. When you do not meet the general or the special residence requirements.
  4. You are not having a good character or a criminal case is pending on your name.

About Citizenship Ceremony

The Australian citizenship is granted at the Citizen Ceremony of Australia. The ceremony is usually conducted after three months of the approval of the application by the minister. For the ceremony, you will receive the invitation letter from the council with all the details.

Processing Times For The Applications

The processing time for the application varies due to several factors like:

  • Whether you have all the necessary documents.
  • How promptly you respond for any request of additional information.
  • How much time is taken to get extra information from external sources about the character!
  • Time taken to attend the citizenship ceremony.
Type Of Australian Citizenship Application Processing Times For 75% Of Applications Processing Times For 90% Of Applications
Conferral 17 months 19 months
Descent 2 months 4 months
Adoption 37 days 60 days

What Is The Total Cost Of Applying For The Australian Citizenship?

There are various forms that you have to fill while applying for the Australian Citizenship that has different costs:

Form 1300t: It you meet the requirements for the general eligibility, then it will cost you $285

Form 1290: The Australian Citizenship application costs $180

Form 118: The government fee for the application is $230, if you are using the Form 118 for the Australian Citizenship by descent. Have a sibling, sister or brother? Then, it may cost $95 per extra applicant.

Form 119: The charge for the application for the evidence of Australian citizenship is $190

How Tropical Immigration Will Help You?

If you had a look at the fees, eligibility and the processing time to get the Australian Citizenship, then you may understand that this procedure may take a long time and great efforts. To get the citizenship of Australia, reach out us and apply through us and get the work easily done without facing any troubles!