Australian Federal Budget 2019 And Its Implications On Skilled Migration

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Australian government with Department of Home Affairs has decided to bring in some changes related to Skilled Migration. The changes are supposed to come in effect from November 2019.

Here, Look At The Changes In The Skilled Migration According To Australian Federal Budget 2019

Some of the key changes that can take place from November 2019 are as follows:

  • If the partner of the primary applicants are having good proficiency in English but does not fulfill the existing requirements for the skilled partner points, then the Skilled Migration Points Test will be adjusted to offer additional points to the applicant.
  • This step from the government would lead to an increase in the revenue in the coming period.
  • To get the measure implemented, The Department of Home Affairs will be provided with $0.3 million in 2019-20.

As per the current scenario, the Skilled Migration Points currently offers additional points to the applicants where the partner is:

  1. Below 45 years of age,
  2. Is competent English, and
  3. The applicant must have the skilled occupation that is applicable for the visa subclass and stream that they are applying for.

The announced changes will give a benefit to the applicants who are rather single or whose partner has good English. It would be best for the Australian labor market.

Taking it further on the government’s migration changes, the coalition has announced before that the migration intake of Australia will be reduced from 190,000 to 160,000 places for four years from 2019-20.

In detail, budget breakdown will be:

  • 108,682 places in the skilled stream
  • 47,732 places in the family stream which will include 3,586 places for child and special eligibility streams.

From November 2021, if the international students who have completed higher education or postgraduate qualification in the regional area and are the holder of a Temporary Graduate Visa, then they can apply for additional one year on a second post-study work visa.

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