Australian Paper- Based 600 Visitor Visa

The Australian Paper- Based visitor visa is for the people who want to visit Australia but they do not hold the passport of the countries eligible for ETA. The visitors can stay for upto 12 months or shorter based on the purpose and circumstances of the visit. Single or multiple countries are granted on this visa.

What Are The Conditions On Australian Paper- Based 600 Visitor Visa?

  1. You cannot work during the stay in Australia on this visa. Only voluntary work may be permitted.
  2. No studies can be pursued for more than 3 months. If you are interested in class room exam for more than four weeks, then you have to pass health examination before commencing with the course.
  3. No visa other than Protection Visa can be granted if your visa is under ‘No further stay’ condition.
  4. There must be a departure of the visitor within the validity of the visa.

How To Apply For The Paper-Based 600 Visitor Visa?

The Paper-Based 600 Visitor Visa cannot be applied online. The application has to be online on paper based application. To apply for the Paper- based 600 Visitor visa, just avail the services of tropical Immigration and save your time and efforts. The processing time usually takes 20 days.

Which Countries Are Eligible To Apply For The Australian Paper-Based 600 Visitor Visa?

The residents in the UK and the passport holder of Faroe Islands are eligible to apply for this visa.

What Are The Medical Requirements For The Paper-Based 600 Visitor Visa?

Apart from the general visa conditions, some special health requirements have to be met:

  • If you want to stay for more than 6 months, then you have to undergo a chest x-ray examination.
  • You may be asked to undergo a chest x-ray examination, if you belong to a country that Australian government considers to have high level of risk.
  • Applicants who are more than 70 years of age must fulfill the following requirements:
    1. Must provide the evidence of health insurance with the application to cover the stay in Australia.
    2. Must prove the fitness too travel to Australia by undergoing a health examination by a certified doctor.

Enough Funds Should Be There

If you are planning a stay in Australian on this visa with the validity of 12 months, then you must have sufficient funds to meet all the expenses in Australia. On this visa, you are not allowed to work, so it is necessary that you have some proof of funds like personal bank statements, taxation records, pay slips and audited accounts.