Parent Visa Australia

The parents can migrate with the Australian Parent visa, if they are having child who is the citizen of Australia, permanent resident or the eligible citizen of New Zealand.

There are two categories of Parent Visa For Australia:

  1. Parent Category: If you want to apply migration under parent category, then you must be sponsored by your child. The sponsor can be an Australian Citizen, permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  2. Contributory Parent: To expand the Parent Migration Program, the Contributory parent category of the parent visa was introduced. It was based on the fact that the applicants had to pay a larger amount for the application and a larger assurance of Support.

What Are The Key Features Of Parent Visa Of Australia?

The contributory parent visa 173 is a temporary visa designed for the applicants who want to live in Australia for two years.

Benefits Of The Parent Visa?

If you have the contributory Parent Visa, then you have the following benefits:

  • You may move or stay in Australia as a Permanent resident
  • You can also sponsor the relatives who are eligible to come to Australia
  • Application for the Australian citizenship can be lodged!
  • Get enrollment in public health care schemes in Australia.

Eligibility For Getting The Parent Visa

  1. Sponsor: You must have a sponsor. Mostly the eligible child becomes the sponsor but in case the child in less than 18 years of age then, an eligible relative can also sponsor you.
  2. Balance Of The Family Test: According to this test:
    • Half of your children must be living in Australia permanently, Or
    • If your children live in different countries, then more number of children must live in Australia.
  1. You must meet the health requirements.
  2. Applicant and other family members with at least 16 years of age must meet the character requirements.
  3. There must be an assurance of support. It means that you will not depend on the government after entering in Australia.
  4. If you have taken any money from the Australia then you should have paid it back or must have some formal arrangements to give it back.
  5. If your previous application was refused or the visa has been cancelled then, you are not eligible for further applying.
  6. Australian value statement must be signed.

How Much Does This Visa Costs?

  1. The Australian Parent Visa would cost you AUD 31,725.
  2. The payment can be done in installments.
  3. If any family member applies with you then there will also be a charge.
  4. There are extra charges also for health checks, police certificates and biometrics.

What Is The Processing Time?

Because the family migration visas are high in demand so it might take many years for the visa to be granted. The processing time can be longer for the various reasons like:

  • The application is not filled correctly.
  • All the needed documents are not attached.
  • Verification of your information is taking a longer time.