Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132)

The Business Talent Visa (subclass 132) is designed for the businessmen who want to establish a new or develop the existing business in Australia. The applicant must be nominated by State or territory.

There are two streams of the Business Talent Visa:

  1. Significant Business History stream: This stream is for the high calibre business owners or part owners who are interested in establishing business in Australia.
  2. Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream: This stream is for the individuals who have sourced ventured capital from the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited member.

What Are The Requirements Of The Business Talent Visa?

If you are applying for the Australian Business Talent Visa, then you must meet the following requirements:

  • There must not be any involvement in any illegal or unethical business practices.
  • The applicant must have a nomination from the State or territory.
  • There must be an invitation letter by the SkillSelect to apply for the visa.
  • The person must have genuine commitment for maintaining investment in Australia.
  • You and your business partner should not be involved in any illegal or unethical business activity.
  • There must be a good record of compliance with the laws of state or territory in which the business is operating.
  • Meet the good health and character requirements.

What Are The Privileges Of The Business Talent Visa?

There are several benefits that you are entitled to while applying for the Business Talent Visa:

  1. Without any restriction, you may live in Australia on this visa
  2. This visa allows you work in Australia during the stay.
  3. Get the benefit of the enrollment for the Australia’s scheme for health- related care and expenses.
  4. Once the Business Talent Visa is granted, you may even apply for the citizenship of Australia.
  5. Move freely to and from Australia for multiple times for upto 5 years commencing from the date the visa was granted.
  6. Get the privilege to sponsor the relatives for the permanent residency.

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