Business Visas Of Australia

The Australian Business Visa Program helps business owners, investors and senior executives to settle in Australia and create new or existing opportunities in businesses in Australia.

There are two pathways for the Business skills to get entry in Australia:

  1. Applicants can have a Provisional visa with the eligibility of permanent residence after establishing the business in Australia.
  2. If you are high calibre business applicant who has got the sponsorship from State or territory government, then you may apply directly for the Permanent Resident.

What Are The Requirements For The Australian Business Visa?

There is a list of the requirements that the applicants for the Business visa must meet:

  • Within the 6 months after the initial entry, the business visitors must inform the Department of Home Affairs about the residential address.
  • The DOHA must also be notified about the changes in the residential address within 28 days after the subsequent change.

Different Categories Of The Business Skills Program

The Business Skills Program is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Business owner category which is for the owners and part- owners of the business.
  2. Senior Executive category that is for the senior executive employees of the big businesses.
  3. Investor Category is designed for the people who are willing to invest in businesses in Australia.
  4. Business Talent Category is for the business visitors who have high potential and are sponsored by the State and territory government.

What Is Expected From Your Business?

The business you are establishing after the entry in Australia must so at least one of the following things:

  • There can be a development of business links with the international markets.
  • Employment is created or maintained in Australia.
  • Australian goods and services are exported.
  • Goods and services that would have otherwise been imported are produced in Australia.
  • New and improved technology is introduced.
  • If you are adding to the commercial activity and competitiveness within the sectors of the economy of Australia.

Designated Investment For The Australian Business Visa

If you seek for the Australian Investor Business Visa Categories, then, you must do the designated investment by the State and territory treasury Corporations:

  • There must be an investment in the Primary-issued government securities that does not mature before 4 years from the date of purchase.
  • The investments must be limited to:
    1. AUD 750,000 if you are applying in the Investor category under the State or Territory.
    2. AUD 1.5 million, if the interest is paid after every 6 months.
  • Non transferrable and Non- redeemable securities.

What Is The Language Requirement?

The applicant of the Business Visas For Australia must have vocational English. You should be good in writing, reading and understanding and communicating in English that is helpful in the field of business.

To prove that you are proficient in English you must provide a proof that you are a native English speaker and qualify the International English Testing System Test.

How Tropical Immigration Can Help You Get an Australian Business Visa?

Tropical Immigration understands that establishing business in any other country can be difficult. With the help of our amazing visa services, you may complete the documentation and other formalities smoothly and the also the chances of the approval of the visa increases.