Designated Area Migration Agreement- What It Implies For You?


The Australian government had put into force the DAMA- Australian Designated Area Migration Agreement. The temporary workers, professionals and international students who are present in Australia are welcoming this move of the government. DAMA has the minimum requirement for the applicants for all the skilled and entrepreneurial visas.

Know About DAMA- Designated Area Migration Agreement:

Because of the multicultural roots, Australia is a very coveted immigration welcome country as compared to other countries in the world. With the high number of immigrants coming to Australia, it becomes imperative to make the rules and requirements stricter and narrower. Australian Designated Area Migration Agreement is introduced to stimulate the economies in regional Australia by offering business and job opportunities.

In the Northern Territory, it has been put into force for five years where the Australian government wants to boost up the economy.

  • It is an employer guaranteed visa.
  • In this kind of labour agreement, the local government will decide the occupations list.
  • In order to get the employer’s guarantee, the applicants must have the said job in the region or state mentioned in the application.
  • The workers from overseas can be sponsored from the local employers.
  • The list is an extensive one with almost 1117 occupations. Some of the included occupations are agriculture, hotel catering, hospitality and tourism industries as well as bakers, baristas, bus drivers, carpenters and chefs.
  • After the stay duration of 3 years in Australia, the applicants can apply for the status of permanent resident of Australia.

 Well, from last year it is evident that the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS) has witnessed a gradual decline and DAMA is extended to the Great South Coast Region. With low requirements, well prepared list of occupations, lenient requirements for English, DAMA seems to be a welcoming sign for those who are willing to visit Australia.

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