E-Visitor Visa (subclass 651)

E-visitor visa is a temporary visa that permits the individuals to move to Australia for business purposes and stay for up to 3 months at one time within the time frame of 12 months. The applicant of this visa must hold the passport of one of the eligible countries.

An E-Visitor visa is stored electronically. The information can be accessed by airlines, Australian border agencies and travel agencies. While applying for this type of visa, an individual must be present outside Australia.

Eligibility For E- Visitor Visa

To get the E-visitor visa, the following criteria must be met:

  1. A person can visit as a tourist or for business purposes to Australia.
  2. The applicant must be outside Australia.
  3. The person must be the holder of passport from any one of the eligible countries.
  4. At the time of entry in Australia, the applicant must be free of tuberculosis.
  5. There must not be any conviction for which the total sentence is more than 12 months.

Passport Holders Of Which Countries Are Eligible For E-Visitor Visa?

The countries eligible for E-visitor visa are:

·         Austria


·         Belgium


·         Bulgaria


·         Croatia


·         Czech Republic


·         Denmark


·         Estonia


·         Finland


·         Germany


·         Greece


·         Hungary


·         Iceland


·         Italy


·         Latvia


·         Liechtenstein


·         Lithuania


·         Malta


·         Monaco


·         The Netherlands


·         Norway


·         Portugal


·         Romania


·         Republic of San Marino


·         Slovak Republic


·         Spain


·         Sweden


·         Switzerland


United Kingdom
Vatican City

Benefits Of The E- Visitor Visa

If you have a E-visitor visa, then you get the following benefits:

  • You can visit the family or friends in Australia.
  • Enjoy cruise or holiday in Australia.
  • Business visitor activities can be undertaken.
  • The holder of this visa can undergo training or study for up to 3 months in some circumstances.