How To Apply For Australian Visa

Apply Australia Visa

Endowed with a myriad of natural wonders, dazzling beaches, plenty of wildlife, cosmopolitan metropolises and superb employment opportunities, Australia attracts many visitors every year. There are so many reasons that encourage visiting to Australia. But to visit there you require the permission from the Australian Government through a visa. Tropical Immigration makes it an easy process for the migrants to travel to Australia with the amazing immigration and visa services. Go through the step by step guide that would help you to know “How to Apply for an Australian Visa”!

Here Mentioned Are The Steps To Be Followed While Applying For Australian Visa

  1. Decide what type of visa would suit you

There are different types of visas that would allow you to visit to Australia. Every visa has different requirements and eligibility depending on age, funds available, personal circumstances and many more.

For example you may apply for Australian Student Visa, if you want to study in Australia. If you are skilled worker with all the relevant skills and qualifications, then you may apply for work visa.

In case you want your parents to join you in Australia, then you may apply for the Parent visa. With so many options it may become a little confusing for you but you don’t panic, just read about our visa services for Australia to know the requirements and eligibility of every visa in detail!

 2. Sign up for an ImmiAccount

ImmiAccount is an online service that is facilitated by Australian government. Here you may get the access to all the online requirements. To proceed for the visa application process, you must have an ImmiAccount.

  1. Complete The Online Application Form

After you have confirmed your ImmiAccount, proceed to fill the application form online. There will be several questions including the personal details, purpose of visit, heath and many more. Only the factual information must go into the system

Always remember to save the application while filling it so, that it becomes easier to edit. T also helps in cross checking the given information.

  1. All The Documents Must Be Prepared

Depending on the visa type and personal circumstances, make sure that all the required documents are attached with the visa application. There are some specific documents that are required by the Australian immigration department like:

  • Passport size photographs with white background.
  • Clear and scanned copy of the passport info page.
  • Proof of funds ( Personal bank statement, tax document, pay slips, retirement pension book)
  • Scanned copies of old and present passports to know the history of travelling.
  • Certificate of employment for employees, certificate of enrollment for students and business registration documents for the self-employed individuals.
  • Birth certificate
  • Provide evidence for planned Tourism activities.
  1. Pay the application fee

Once your application and required documents are reviewed, you must proceed for the payment part. The application rates vary according to the different types of visas and even exchange rate.

  1. Submit the required documents for the application

Now if you have double-checked the application and also have paid the fee then just, click on the Submit button! After this within a fraction of seconds you will receive a notification and acknowledgement receipt on your registered email.

Now you to wait for the visa grant notice.

  1. Take Out The Print Of Visa Grant Notice

If you have been granted the visa, then congratulations! Just take out a print of the Visa Grant Notice as it would be needed at the time of entering and leaving Australia!

Do consider these important tips while applying for an Australian Tourist Visa

  • Double Check The Requirements:

It is always better to safe rather than sorry! So, make sure that you go through the application and requirements multiple times. It is possible that you had filled information that wrong or misspelled or overlooked. Take the advices of those people who have been to Australia before.

  • Make sure that you attach all the requirement and supporting documents, so that there is no delay in the approval for the visa.
  • Don’t forget to provide an evidence of return to the home country

By providing an evidence of return to the home country you are assuring the Australian Immigration staff that you have no intention to stay in Australia illegally.

  • Apply at least three months before the intended departure to Australia!

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