How To Migrate To Australia

How To Migrate To Australia

How To Migrate To Australia – Move To Australia

Australia is one of the most coveted destinations when it comes to migration. With thriving economy, friendly locals and most exotic beaches in the world, Australia is one of the best places to live. If you have a decision to migrate and also have decided the city in which you want to move, then it is right time to know ‘How to Migrate to Australia- Move to Australia’. It might look as a daunting and complicated task, but don’t worry because Tropical Immigration is always there to assist you with the amazing services and assistance! Starting from visa application, obtaining the health Insurance to finding the job or accommodation, have a look at the step by step guide that would help in moving to Australia without facing any trouble!

Here Is Your Guide To ‘How To Migrate To Australia’

Step 1: Decide Which Visa You Are Applying For:

If you are moving to Australia, then it is crucial to find out that which type of visa suits you the best! The selection of visa will depend on various factors like reason for the migration, nationality, age and the duration of the stay.

If you are visiting Australia for work and have all the relevant skills, then you may apply for the skilled Visa. Managers, qualified professionals and business people are highly in demand can have the working visas.

Your age is between 18 and 30 and you want to enjoy travelling in Australia and also earn to fund the travel? Then Working Holiday Visa will be the perfect option for you!

Australian government encourages emigration so that the families can stay together and also designed the family visas for that. If you are financially secured, then why don’t you take the retirement visa that would be beneficial in spending a great time after retirement in beautiful Australia!

To apply for the visas, you must provide some evidences like:

  • Proof of funds
  • Relevant skills and qualifications,
  • Clearance by police,
  • Health Insurance
  • Proficiency English language test

Step 2: Get The Right Travel Insurance And Know The Healthcare That Might Be Needed

It is always recommended that you purchase the travel Insurance before migrating to Australia. The health insurance is required with various types of visas.

Healthcare is expensive in Australia and if you are not interested in availing the Medicare (Australia’s public Healthcare system), then must be prepared for any kind of emergency. Two most popular options of insurance are Bupa and iSelect.

Step 3: Take Your Belongings

Whether you are living in Canada, Ireland, UK or any other country, if you are seeking to move to Australia, then many shipping options for your belonging are available. There are options to send smaller items of upto 30 kg. You may also send larger items, cube and container.

Step 4: Open Bank Account To Transfer Money

Choose and open an account in the best bank in Australia as this is the cheapest and safest way of transferring the money. The account can be opened in advance or after you reach Australia.

You have the option to open the bank account in Australian Bank online, over the phone or at the branch. The banks generally ask your personal details like address, phone number, TFN and identity proof.

Step 5: Apply For Tax File Number

Once you move to Australia, you must apply for the Tax File Number. To apply for TFN, a valid passport is required. Within 28 days it will be issued and will be sent on the address in Australia that you have mentioned in the application.

Conditions For Applying For TFN:

  • The applicant must be a holder of foreign passport, temporary visitor or permanent migrant,
  • You must be present in Australia at the time of applying,
  • Must hold one the following visas:
    1. Visa with work rights
    2. Permanent migrant visa,
    3. Student visa
    4. Visa that grants you the permission to stay in Australia indefinitely.

Step 6: Get A Job For Yourself

Before migrating to Australia, you must start looking for employment in Australia. There are many popular job sites that can help you in finding your dream job. There are many employer who publish their vacancies in the social media make sure that you are updated with them.

Step 7: Find A Place To Live

You must find a temporary housing option in Australia, before moving in the city you have decided to live in Australia. There are several sites that can help you in booking comfortable and luxurious accommodations at reasonable prices. If you are interested in taking the apartment on rent then you will have to submit passport details, previous references and proof of sufficient funds.

If you have finalized a home for living then you will have to give 4 to 6 weeks rent in advance and a security bond.

 Step 8: Look For Mobile Phone Provider

There are several comparison sites from where you may choose the best Mobile Phone provider. Make sure that you check the detailed information about the company and their plans with the network providers.

Step 9: Get Complete Information About The Driving Rules In Australia

In most of the states, you are allowed to drive for upto 3 months or until your licence is valid. The rules of applying are different based on the country you belong to and in which state you are heading to.

In some states you may carry your international drivers licence with the foreign permit.

Looking to buy a car? Then it is advisable that you first take a car on rent. Look around the dealerships as they deal with used and new cars on a regular basis.

If you afford to spend more and looking for a better deal, then go through the dealership websites. If you find something perfect for you, then go and ask for a test drive!

 Get The Key Guidance From Tropical Immigration On ‘How To Move Or Migrate To Australia’

Get complete support and guidance from the Visa and immigration experts at Tropical Immigration. Whether you want to study, work, do business or want to settle permanently in Australia, Contact us for all the queries.

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