Know How The Skillselect Migration Points Are Calculated

Know How The Skillselect Migration Points Are Calculated

Know How The Skillselect Migration Points Are Calculated

Do you have a dream to live and work in Australia? Also you have the required skills? If yes, then you can apply for the particular Skillselect visa in which the administration of the country permits you to find a relevant position in a job and reside in Australia

Under the General Skilled Migration Program, there are different Skillselect visas. Before you apply for a job in Australia, it is essential to submit all the details that can help you in scoring good points. There are different criteria like education background, work experience, specialization, skills and many more on which the points can be claimed. The applicants with Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Regional Visa are awarded with the points in this program. At least 65 points are required if you are willing to avail the permanent Residency benefits in Australia.

Here Is The List Showing How You Can Score The Crucial Points In Skillselect

Different parameters on which the point’s distribution depends are:

  1. Age Of The Applicant

If you are in the age group of 25-32, then you can score more points than young and middle aged individuals. The maximum points that you can score is 30.

  1. IELTS Exam

It is the world most famous English proficiency test. You can get 20 points if you score is in the band of 8 or more. For 7 band, the score will be 10 points. For score are 6 or less, then no points can be collected.

  1. Possession Of Skilled Employment

When it comes to skilled employment, individuals employed in Australia have more advantage than overseas migrant population. Suppose if you are holding a good experience in Australia, then you can score 20 points but if you are an applicant from overseas with same years of experience, you will collect only 15 points. So, there is a difference between the overseas applicant and an Australian applicant.

  1. Education Qualification

20 points can be grabbed if the applicant has a doctorate degree. In case of bachelor or Master’s program 10 points can be collected and 10 points are claimed if there is trade qualification or Australian Diploma. The applicants who have obtained the qualification from education institution in Australia, then they are entitled for only 5 points.

  1. Study In Regional Area Of Australia

The applicant can obtain 5 points, if he/she has completed a two year study program that could be a trade qualification, degree or diploma.

  1. Nomination And Sponsorship

The points can be claimed if you get the sponsorship from Australian State or Territory Government. Under the Skilled Nominated visa – subclass 190 and Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa (Provisional) – subclass 489, the points can be grabbed.

  1. Skills In Community Language

If you hold translator/interpreter level language skills in the Australia’s designated community language, then you are entitled for 5 points. But the skill must be recognized by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

  1. Skills And Qualification Of Partner/ Spouse

Even if your partner or spouse is not a resident of Australia, you can claim 5 points on her behalf, if she has specific skills and qualifications. The partner must meet the requirements of GSM like age, IELTS score and nomination occupation.

  1. Professional Year

In the last 4 years if the applicant has completed the PY Program, then 5 points can be claimed. Formal training with on roll job experience is provided in the structured program for professional development.

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