New Program Launched To Help Skilled Migrants Finding Jobs In Australia

Skilled Migrants Finding Jobs In Australia

Australia is always a trending destination, when it comes to employment! With high hopes of getting great jobs and salaries, the skilled migrants reach there. But now it is becoming difficult for them to find a job in Australia. In relation to this the Ignite Potential that is a Not- For- Profit Organisation, has developed a new program that would be helpful for the migrants.

Below Mentioned Are The Details Of The Newly Launched Program For Skilled Migrants

Some occupations on the SOL are in oversupply like Engineering and accounting that makes it a challenging task to find professional work.

According to the career experts, the deficiency of cultural competence in the migrants to integrate into the work culture of Australia is also a reason of their struggle. Most of the migrants are completely unacquainted to the job market.

“Onboarding and Mentoring” is the latest launched program that is developed with the aim of helping skilled migrants that are finding jobs.

The founder of Ignite Potential is Sulal Mathai who has shown the concern towards the struggle that the migrants go through while finding the jobs in Australia. People who don’t get the job in the field they are interested in usually give up the hope and despite of the qualifications, resort to doing other jobs.

Some Key Characteristics Of This Program Are:

  • Training, workshop and mentorships for the immigrants will be the prime focus in this program.
  • All the skilled migrants will be able to take advantage of the new program.
  • There will special training on the cultural competence.
  • Immigrants will be prepared according to the Australian way of living.
  • Even foreign students can take the benefit of this program.
  • The Government has given the grant of $50,000 for this helpful program.
  • The skilled migrants arriving in Darwin in 2019 can make the most of this plan free of cost. The organizers are planning to expand the program in different cities of Australia too.
  • Three times throughout the year, this program will be conducted.

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