Partner Visa Australia

Partner visa Australia is designed for the people who are married to, committed in a relationship with or fiancée of the citizen or permanent resident in Australia. The sponsorship by the partner must be of 2 years.

  1. Married Partners: If you are applying for the partner visa based on your marriage, then you must be married legally to your partner. Even if you are married to some other country then also the marriage will be recognized as valid.
  2. De Facto Spouse: If you and your partner have been in a de- facto relationship for 12 months before applying for the visa.
  3. Same Sex Couples: The same sex migration is also allowed on this visa.
  4. Fiancée Visa: The validity of this visa is for 9 months.

What Are The Types Of Partner Visa Australia?

There are two categories of partner visa for Australia, one is temporary and other is permanent. Tropical Immigrations has a long time experience dealing in the partner visa, so if you are looking forward for a convenient and hassle- free way of obtaining this visa, then take the advantages of the visa and the immigration service!

  • Temporary Partner Visa                                                                                                                                                               To get the temporary Partner Visa, you must lodge the application from outside Australia if you are present outside Australia and must lodge the application in Australia if you are present in Australia when the visa is granted.
    1. After getting this visa, you may get the permission to travel freely in and out of Australia.
    2. You will be able to work in Australia.
  • Permanent Partner Visa                                                                                                                                                            If you are lodging the application in Australia, then you are supposed to be present in Australia when the permanent visa is granted and in case you are present outside Australia at the time of application, then you may either be inside or outside Australia.
    1. Minimum 2 years of permanent residency has to be granted.
    2. The 2 year waiting period may be waived if:
      • If you are in relationship for more than 5 years with your partner.
      • If you and your partner are married or in de- facto relationship for the duration of more than 2 years and also have children.

Eligibility For Partner Visa:

  1. The age should be at least 18 at the time of lodging the application.
  2. You and your sponsor must have a mutual commitment for a shared life.
  3. There must be a genuine and caring relationship with the sponsor.
  4. There should be an interdependent relationship between you and the sponsor before 12 months of applying for the partner visa
  5. You and your sponsor must be living together, or in case there is a separation, then it should be temporary.
  6. All the health and character requirements must be satisfied.
  7. There should be the existence of 12 months of relationship.

Eligibility for The Prospective Marriage Partner Visa

  1. You and the sponsor who is the citizen or permanent resident of Australia must be in a genuine relationship.
  2. You have to prove that:
    • You both are willing to marry
    • Both the partners must be of marriageable age.
    • The marriage will be recognized in the law of Australia.
  3. As adult you have met your intended spouse and know him or her even if:
    • The marriage is an arranged one.
    • Marriage was arrange before you were 18 years of age or
    • You know the sponsor through internet.

Some Facts About Partner Visa That Many People Don’t Know!

  1. You may visit the partner in Australia without getting married

It is not necessary that you have to be legally married to each other, if you want to visit Australia. If the partner is an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen, then you have to submit evidence that you both were living together for at least 12 months before applying for the visa!

  1. Yes, there are exemptions to the prerequisite of one year relationship                                                                              There are certain circumstances due to which the couple have to live separately and cannot fulfill the rule that demands 12 months of living together like:
    • If there are some unordinary situations like, birth of a child out of that relationship.
    • If your partner has applied for the permanent humanitarian visa.
    • When the partner is the holder of the permanent humanitarian visa.
  1. You are visiting the partner during the time of processing of the application

The temporary visa is granted when you are offshore and at that time you can pay the visit to the partner even when the application is in processing. If you are still offshore and the visa is ready, in that case the government will inform you and you have to fly back before it is granted.

  1. You can get the chance to add the child to your application even during Processing period.

If you want add the dependent child or the stepchild to your application, it can be allowed by the Australian Immigration. The child can stay or visit in Australia but first the Dependent Child visa has to be granted. When the parents get the temporary partner visa, the children can also be added in the application for the permanent partner visa.

  1. Apply for the De- Facto visa, even if you are married to someone else but separated!

If you are married to someone else but still did not have a divorce because of disagreement on the financial settlement or any other reason, then also you are allowed to apply for the De- Facto relationship but cannot marry each other.

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