Recent Proposed Changes In Partner Visa

Recent Proposed Changes In Partner Visa In Australia

Recent Proposed Changes In Partner Visa In Australia

In 2019, there are some significant changes that can be expected in the Partner Visa application in Australia.  If you are planning to apply for Partner visa, then you must be aware of the changes that can come into effect in Australia.

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Here Are Some Of The Changes In Partner Visa Australia:

  1. Before the applicant of the partner visa can lodge the application, it is essential to have the pre-approval of the partner visa sponsorship in Australia.
    • The Family Violence Bill has passed in Senate on 28th November 2018. It is the reason that the character and history of the potential applicants and sponsors has to be assessed before.
    • This change may commence by June 2019, though it was passed by the Australian Parliament in late 2018.
    • It will impact the people who are living on short term visa in Australia that are expiring. The applicants of the Partner visa may leave Australia and apply from outside Australia.
  1. The number of applicants for Partner visa in Australia will overall increase. Last year there was a reduction in the intake to Australia by 40,000 places. The significant reduction was from employer-sponsored or skilled visa category. So, the people may now consider the possibility of applying for the partner visa, if they were previously eligible for skilled visa and employer sponsored visa.
  2. The processing times for the partner visa applications would get longer. Currently the processing time for the offshore permanent temporary partner visa is 30 to 46 months. The average processing time for onshore applicants is 40 to 52 months.

The cumulative effect of the increased partner visa application numbers and pre- approval of sponsors will lead to increased processing times.

Now, What The Potential Partner Visa Applicants Can Do?

It is important that the application for the Partner visa must be of good quality. If you lodge the highest quality applications, then there are still some chances that the application is approved in a quicker period of time.

The shortcuts must be avoided so that there is no delay in the processing. The time taken by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for reviewing the refused application take can really long. There is a huge backlog of cases of more than 50,000. Current waiting time for hearing is around 2 years. So, instead of lodging poor quality applications make sure that the proper procedure is followed.

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