Student Accommodation Options In Australia

Student Accommodation Options In Australia

Student Accommodation Options In Australia

There are number of students who want to study in Australia, but where they will stay? How much would the accommodation cost? Will it be comfortable? All these questions often arise in the minds of students before visiting Australia. So, here you can know all the options that are available in Australia for the international students.

Below Mentioned Are Some Of The Student Accommodation Options For Students:

  1. On- Campus Stay

There are many universities in Australia that provides on- campus accommodation facility to students. Cleanliness and safety are kept at priority as all the responsibility is of the university. Studying can be fun here as many other fellow students will also be staying with you. There is no hassle of lease agreements with landlords. Advantage of being close to libraries and lecture halls is also there.

But because of the higher number of students coming to Australia, it is not easy to get enough accommodation. Nowadays, there are different visa services that have made the migration to Australia easier! When it comes to cost, it can vary according to different campuses. $8.300 per semester is charged by University of Sydney’s International House and $2,565 per semester is charged by University of Queensland.

  1. Private Accommodation Off Campus

If you are having any budget issue, then you may opt for off-campus accommodation. Though they are little expensive but offers all the luxuries that can make you feel at home. Stay in a flat alone or also shared apartments are there.

$646 per week is the cost of room in Darlington House, Sydney. If case of the shared apartment in Brisbane, the charge is $299 per week.

  1. Home Stays

For the authentic experience of lifestyle in Australia, it would be great if Home Stays are opted. Stay with an Australian family, interact with them and live in a homely environment. This gives a family support and also freedom from other students. Even if you are on a business visitor on work visa in Australia, you can choose home stay option!

They are safe and stable as the home stays are recommended by universities. Make sure that you do the research before going there.

  1. Sharing Of Rooms And Houses

Though it would be a little less luxurious but most budget- friendly! 5 to 6 people can often share space in a house or room. The personal space is definitely hindered but if budget is the concern then it could be a fair option to choose.

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