Visit Australia Doing Volunteering

Visit Australia Doing Volunteering

Visit Australia Doing Volunteering

If you are interested in travelling to Australia but think that it would be expensive for you, then go for volunteering! In this various families that need help can in return offer you accommodation and also food. It is a great way to save money in case you are thinking to travel around Australia.

Let’s Clarify What Is Volunteer And The Advantages

  • It is a great way to exchange the skills for accommodation and food.
  • The time period of volunteering can be between two weeks and three months.
  • Work hours can be around 4-6 hours a day.
  • More than one volunteer can also be there for many projects that can give you a great chance to make friends.

Tourist visa is must if you are willing to visit Australia. Some of the interesting visas are Work And Holiday Visa and Working Holiday Visa.

Different Types Of Volunteer Programs In Australia

Some of the work that the volunteers can do is:

  1. Volunteer In Farming

The most prominent volunteering is noted in Organic farming. You can help in feeding of animals, cleaning, day to day activities and many more. The functions are marked in each offer.

Volunteer In Farming

  1. Taking Care Of Animal And House

This kind of work is offered by the families who have gone on vacation. You can take care of the house, animals and stay as a guardian.

Taking Care Of Animal And House

  1. Help At Boat

If you love seas and want to enjoy sailing, then why don’t you opt for volunteering at a boat! Be a help to the crew members in storage, cleaning, serving the passengers, taking snaps and work as a translator. So, in this way there will be a help to others and an inexpensive trip for you!


  1. Do A Bit Of Everything

There can be many volunteer offers that ask you to do a variety of work. Suppose that you decide to volunteer in a countryside hostel, and then you can write the text, collect photos for instagram and many more. So, have a detailed look at what is the offer and what you can do!

  1. Some Other Volunteer Offers

There are a lot of people who may require your help so, explore different options like teaching Spanish, selling handicrafts or helping in building a house. Another option that is compatible with Volunteering is to have a student visa, where you can work while studying!

 How To Find Volunteers In Australia?

There are different websites that can help in you in searching different volunteers in different parts of Australia. In this way you can save money, experience the culture more closely and travel without thinking about money.

  • Work Away: It is a social media platform where you can get in touch with the people who are interested in offering facility of accommodation in return. It is advisable to go through the comments to know the experience of people before. While sign up you have to pay some amount and the membership lasts for one year.
  • WWOOF: At the time of sign up pay AUD 70 and get the membership for one year. It is specifically for those who want to work on organic farms. Work duration will be of 4 or 6 hours and in exchange you can get lodging and food.
  • Helpx: Depending on the work you are willing to do, look the different volunteer offers at Helpx.
  • Conservation Volunteers: This site specially designed for those who love environment and can do work like planting the trees and collecting seeds.

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    I need a work visa. I want to woke in Australia. please give me a work visa.

  2. Neetu A Paryani Reply

    I can work for food as I have sound experience in Food and Management. I can cook and manage the staff and care for children as well which I always love to do. Kindly, get me if any requirement.

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